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I help businesses and brands reach out to their audiences with the right marketing strategy! I create content that is intriguing, engaging, persuasive, concise, & impactful. 

About Me

Hey There,

I am Kirti aka Katie (that’s my pen name)! So, I am just a tea-loving millennial who is always looking for new ideas, stories, books, movies….or simply anything that feeds my creativity and gives me food for thought. 

From the past 7 years, I have been exploring the world of Digital Marketing during which I have expanded my skills and abilities that can be best utilized by businesses and entrepreneurs from different industries. I am proficient in managing social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. I specialize in creating different content forms like social media graphics, ad copy, web content, blogs, videos, infographics, emails, ebooks, profile decks, business PPTs, and anything that involves high-quality design with valuable copywriting. 

I started my career in Sales in the IT industry but my love for creating content marketing got me here! In this short journey, I have self-published a romantic novel, built a worldwide clientele, launched a home baking business (that I had to shut down because of relocation), and started my marketing company

You can say I am a passionate soul that happens to be a hopeless romantic as well. I cannot imagine myself waking up and not wanting to learn something new!

That’s me! Now, let’s get to know you ☺️

And I love using exclamation because it’s rude when you don’t!  




Punjab Technical University



Punjab Technical University

My Skills

Social Media Marketing
Blog and Article Writing
Technical Writing
Content Writing
Business Presentations
UX Writing
WordPress Blog Management
SEO Writing
Video Editing
Business Writing
Content Marketing
Google Analytics

Software & Tools

MS Word, Notepad, Google Docs

MS Excel, Google Sheets

MS Powerpoint, Google Slides, Canva 

Canva, Pixlr 

Copyscape, Duplichecker, Small SEO tools 


Hootsuite, Buffer 

Cyberlink PowerDirector, iMovie 

Technical Writer

Business Analysis | Business Documentation | Technical Blogs

As a post-graduate in Computer Applications, I can easily understand the technicalities and functionalities of different software and applications. Here is what responsibilities I have been fulfilling as a technical writer: 

  • Translate complex product information in simplified and comprehensive content
  • Analyze client requirement documents and convert them into business documentation
  • Research and develop technical blog posts for company websites
  • Work with the technical team to develop product manuals, operational procedures, case studies, and other supporting content
  • Maintain detailed databases with reference materials 
  • Create business presentations with impressive designs

Social Media Marketer

Blogging | Video | Visual Content | Copywriting

With thorough understanding of different stages in the buyer journey and marketing funnel, I am specialized in creating content that engages the target audiences at each stage from awareness to decision through consideration. Here is what I have done in my experience of content marketing: 

  • Plan, create and share valuable content to engage and convert visitors into customers and customers into recurring customers
  • Manage CMS like WordPress 
  • Manage platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest 
  • Create content strategy as per the buyer personas
  • Manage social media profiles using Hootsuite and Buffer
  • Create social media posts for each platform using Canva, Pixlr, etc. 
  • Write captivating ad copies with magnetic headlines 
  • Plan, create and edit videos using tools such as iMovie, Powerdirector, etc. 
  • Analyze performance on Google Analytics and improve efforts accordingly


Digital Storyteller | Short Story Writer

I love telling stories. When I started writing stories on my Facebook account, I got amazing responses from my readers. Eventually, after publishing my book, I started writing professionally and soon after that, I was telling stories in my marketing campaigns. Here is what all I do as a storyteller: 

  • Create short stories for short movies or ad commercials
  • Tell compelling and interesting stories in marketing campaigns to build strong connections 
  • Create brand stories for new brands to interact with their customers effectively


Cupcakes | Cookies | Cakes

Just like writing, baking brings me happiness and peace. Whenever I was low, I would mix a few ingredients and put them in the oven to make myself a little treat. I got decent reviews from my friends and office colleagues. Finally, when my manager suggested this idea, I was like Why Not and that was the start of building my home bakery Katie Pie in India. 

  • Manage orders through phone and social media 
  • Develop innovative recipes while experimenting with seasonal ingredients
  • Purchase and maintain raw ingredients for various local vendors
  • Bake cupcakes, cookies, dry cakes, muffins, brownies, blondies, etc. as per customer requirements
  • Cater to bulk orders for offices parties, promotional events, trade fares, etc. 
  • Collaborate with other brands for promotions and giveaways
  • Manage social media profiles

Industries I Serve






Digital Marketing





Food & Beverage

Info. Technology





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